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  • What our clients are saying


    "Jumanah made me feel like losing the weight was not a big deal. After the first two weeks I was shocked and excited with the results. So far I've lost 100 pounds and counting with Jumanah and I feel great!" -- Lucky Danta
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  • What our clients are saying


    "I went to see Jumanah and we got started and 3 months later I achieved my goals. So when a year later I decided to enter a fitness model competition, I knew who would know how to gulde me through the process successfully and safely. Jumanah put together my meal plans, workout plans and coached me on how to pose and walk for the competion." -- Kathy
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  • What our clients are saying


    "I have corrected all of the issues that I came to see Jumanah for within 2.5 months. I now sleep at night and have increased energy during the day. I dropped the weight I was looking to lose. My blood pressure and cholesterol readings are now in the good range. I no longer experience heart burn!" -- Ruth
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  • What our clients are saying


    "I met Jumanah when I was 210 pounds and size 12 to 14. Creating a plan that help rebuild my metabolism, my weight dropped in 4 months to 165 pounds. I stepped on stage for a competition a size six and now maintain a size 8 figure." -- Shauna
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    You've got one body. Make the most of it through good nutrition.

    Since 2003, EarthSuit Nutrition has been empowering clients to live healthier lives by eating better.

    We have the expertise to treat a range of conditions, including IBS, hormone imbalance, arthritis, diabetes, chronic sinus infections, high cholesterol, nutritional deficiencies, chronic headaches, fatigue, osteoporosis and more.

    We also offer specialized diets for high-performance athletes and bodybuilders gearing up for competition.

    Whatever your needs and goals, we'll develop a meal plan that's right for you and follow it up with one-on-one nutrition support.

    Looking for additional help? EarthSuit Nutrition offers a suite of complementary services, including food sensitivity screening, mineral deficiency testing and live blood cell analysis.

    Learn more about how our programs can equip you with healthy eating skills and help you reach your goals.

    We have moved!

    We are very happy to announce that as of April 27th, 2015 we have moved to 327 Woolwich Street. Our phone numbers, email, website and facebook page remain as they are.

    There is parking in front of the office on Woolwich Street.

    It's here!!!!

    Recipe Book

    The "Jumanah Approved Recipes for Arthritis" cookbook is now available! Please contact us if you would like to reserve a copy.

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