For more than a decade, EarthSuit Nutrition has helped thousands of clients reach their wellness goals. Below are some examples of what's possible with our programs.

Case Study #1: Betty

Before starting her nutritional treatment plan with EarthSuit Nutrition, Betty had been taking Methotrexate for seven years. Severe inflammation caused by arthritis prevented her from bending her fingers. After four weeks of treatment, Betty's pain subsided and mobility returned to her hands. As a result, her doctor discontinued the Methotrexate.

Nutritional treatment plan:
Betty began her nutrition program in February 2010. Her first treatment cycle focused on reducing inflammation and fat loss. At the end of this cycle, Betty had lost 40 pounds.

Betty's second three-month treatment cycle focused on further fat loss, during which time she lost 30 more pounds and gained full motion of her hands. Betty is now pain-free.

Medication before treatment:
02/01/10 -- Methotrexate -- 2.5mg/day

Medication after treatment:
05/01/10 -- Methotrexate -- discontinued


Case Study #2: Brenda

Brenda, 62, came to our clinic with low energy, anxiety and excess weight. In addition, she experienced nerve pain in her arms and hands, as well as deteriorating discs in the lumbar spine.

Nutritional treatment plan:
Brenda started her treatment plan in June 2011. Within one month of treatment, Brenda reported a drastic improvement in her joint pain. She has lost 50 pounds of body fat and her doctor decided it was no longer necessary to prescribe the medication Fluoxetine Hcl. Furthermore, Brenda's dosage of Prozac was decreased by over 90 per cent.

Medication before treatment:
07/29/11 -- Fluoxetine Hcl -- 20mg, three times a day
07/29/11 -- Prozac -- 80mg, plus 20mg as needed

Medication after treatment:

03/26/12 -- Prozac -- 20mg every three days

Case Study #3: Richard

Richard had been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease and Type 1 diabetes and had bypass surgery in 2009. During the course of treatment with EarthSuit Nutrition, Richard lost 25 pounds of body fat, which previous meal plans from dieticians could not accomplish.

Nutritional treatment plan:
Richard began his three-month nutritional program in August of 2011. Richard's treatment plan was designed to reduce cholesterol and decrease insulin requirements. His cholesterol dropped from 7.2 to 4.6, which he has maintained without any medications. Richard also reduced his need for rapid-release insulin by more than 50%.

Medication before treatment:
08/01/12 -- Cholesterol test reading -- 7.2
08/01/12 -- Lantis -- 24 units/day
08/01/12 -- Humiliog -- 32 units/day

Medication after treatment:

03/26/12 -- Cholesterol test reading -- 4.6
11/26/12 -- Lantis -- 24 units/day
11/26/12 -- Humilog -- 10 units/day



Case Study #4: Dave

Dave, 55, sought treatment for high cholesterol.

Nutritional treatment plan:
In October 2011, Dave began a nutritional treatment plan designed to reduce his cholesterol level. Within four weeks of treatment, Dave's cholesterol level decreased by 34%.

Medication before treatment:
10/01/11 -- Cholesterol test reading -- 7.47
10/01/11 -- Lipitor -- 30 mg

Medication after treatment:
10/28/11 -- Cholesterol test reading -- 4.94
10/28/11 -- medications discontinued

Case Study #5: Paul


In August 2016, Paul came to Earth Suit Nutrition in order to loose weight and reduce or eliminate some of the medications he had been taking. At the first session Paul was 284lbs.

Nutritional Treatment Plan: 

Started on a weight loss initiative in August of 2016, had 8 sessions with 8 assigned meal plans spread over 5 months. By January of 2017 he was down to 238lbs, a total loss of 46lbs.

Metoprolol discontiued after weight loss treatment.


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