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Meal Plans &

When do I receive my meal plan?

After your initial session with Jumanah, you will receive your meal plan within 48 hours.

After you follow-up sessions, you will receive your meal plan right after your session is completed.
If your meal plan does not come through within these time frames, please email us before the end of the day to have it re-sent to you.

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Meal Times 

Mealtimes listed on your meal plan are approximate. You may need to adjust these according to your schedule.

Portion Size

If your meal plan specifies a portion size (for example, “1 cup of broccoli”), please stick to the amount. If there is no portion size listed, refer to the portion sizes listed below.
Do not over- or under-eat.


If you feel hungry, add more vegetables which are listed on your plan.  If you are too full at mealtime, reduce your portion size but do not change the content!

Green vegetables found on your plan may be incorporated into other recipes on the meal plan to minimize waste and leftovers.

The food substitution list should only be referred to if you are unable to find the food listed on your plan or if there is a strong dislike to a listed food. At your next session please notify Jumanah of substitutions made. Too many substitutions will affect your results.

General portion sizes are:


5 oz of protein meat or fish

2 cups of cooked vegetables

1⁄2 cup of sweet potato (boil and mash it in for easy measuring)

1⁄2 cup of starchy vegetables or cooked rice


you’ve got one body, make the most of it through good nutrition


General Cooking Instructions

The following cooking styles are permitted:

  • Baking

  • Steaming

  • Slow cooking / Instapot

  • Grilling

  • Barbaquing

  • Stir-frying meats and vegetables in a small quantity of avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil

Please do not microwave your foods.


Foods to Avoid

  •  Fried foods

  • Sweet sauces: ketchup, plum sauce, sweet teriyaki sauces

  • Pork

  • Wheat, whole wheat and whole grain products (unless found in your meal plan)

  • Diet soda or diet drinks

  • Milk

  • Alcohol

  • Coffee and other caffeinated beverages

  • Artificial sweeteners and flavorings

  • Added sugars such as natural cane, brown, white, evaporated juice crystals

  • Desserts

  • Any foods not listed on your meal plan or substitutions list

Permitted Seasonings

These seasoning can be added to your recipes if you wish:

  • All dried or fresh herbs or spices.

  • Ginger

  • No sugar added salsa

  • Herbs and spices in recipes can be increase or decreased depending on your palate. 

Permitted drinks

  • Decaf teas

  • Unsweetened chocolate/vanilla/original flavored almond & nut milks

  • 500ml of sugarless Carbonated water flavored or unflavored, Zevia pop -If your nutritionist approves it.

  • PC water enhancer can be added to water

  • Speak to Jumanah regarding coffee or caffeinated drinks before adding.

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