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What makes our program different? 

“We do not teach you how to eat healthy. We teach you how to eat for your conditions” - Jumanah

We specialize in programs for...
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Arthritis and joint inflammation
Bloating/ Cramps/ IBS
H.Pylori/ Sibo/ bacterial infections
Auto-immune disease
Diabetes type 1 & 2
Fat loss
High cholesterol/ Fatty liver/ NAFL
Vascular damage and inflammation/heart disease/ stroke
Sex Hormone imbalance; PCOS/ Fibrocystic breast/ Breast Cancer 
Hyperthyroidism/ Hypothyroidism
Pre- and post-pregnancy nutrition
Multiple sclerosis/ Elhers Danlos syndrome/POTS
Cognitive decline
Chronic nutritional deficiencies 

Outside of our scope of practice are those diagnosed with mental disorders such schizophrenia, bi-polar disorders, personality disorders or those on drug protocols such as lithium. This program is also not recommended for those with eating disorders.

Please note- multiple conditions can be addressed during a program.

How The Program Works

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At your first session we discuss your health goals, symptoms, medical history and lab work. Our practitioner will need to have a clear view of your face.

Green Leaves


We develop a nutrition program that's tailored to your specific needs.

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Your meal plan will be emailed to you. Your plan will also contain your supplement protocol if supplements are needed.

Tropical Leaves


 Bi-weekly follow-ups by zoom, skype or phone. Your meal plan will be revised and emailed after your session.

Fruit and Leaves


At your final session, we will review with you the foods that should be avoided on-going, foods that can be added and rules for maintenance. 

you’ve got one body, make the most of it through good nutrition

How to Get Started

1. Look at the programs below and review which program may be best suited to your health objectives.


2. Complete our evaluation form.


3. Book the first session of your program by clicking Book Online and selecting the date and time that works for you.  


4. We will then complete the balance of your schedule which we will confirm back to you by email. You will be automatically placed on our wait-list for a possible earlier start date.

Program Fees


2.5 Month Online Program: $1,350.00 (Plus HST) 

5 on-line sessions with Jumanah – 4 meal plans and a maintenance plan

​5 Month Online Program: $2,350.00 (Plus HST) ​

10 on-line sessions with Jumanah – 9 meal plans and a maintenance plan

9 Month Online Program: $3,450.00 (Plus HST) 

15 on-line sessions with Jumanah – 14 meal plans and a maintenance plan

1 ½ month Student or Renewal program: $825.00 (Plus HST)

3 on-line sessions with Jumanah – 2 meal plans and a maintenance plan
Single Session: $400.00 (Plus HST) (does not include meal plans)

 Payment plans are available for 5-month and 9-month programs. 
 Program prices are subject to change without notice 
A $200.00 non-refundable deposit is payable upon booking

The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable


Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are subject to all applicable taxes.

Which Program Is For Me?

This is solely dependent on the severity of your condition.

Jumanah will help you decide which program to use. See graph below.

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